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Physiology of hemolymph, gut fluid, and hepatopancrease of the land crab Gecarcinus lateralis (fréminville) in various neuroendocrine states


1. Speciemens of Gecarcinus lateralis were studied in varied neuroendocrine states: i.e. crabs with eyestalks in intermolt and at echysis, destalked crabs at ecdysis and destalked crabs, thoracic ganglionic mass (TGM)-implaneted, at ecdysis.

2. Protein in hemolymph is significantly decreased in destalked crabs at ecdysis. Implanted destalked crabs had a higher protein content than non-implanted.

3. Osmorlarity of hemolymph is lower in all animals at ecdysis than in intermolt. Distribution of fluids is abnormal in destalked crabs; it is partialy corrected implanting a TGM.

4. Hepatopancreatic water and lipid content are comparable in all crabs at ecdysis.

5. The significance of these results to the biology of the crab is discussed.

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Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Physiology

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