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Reproductive ecology of four subtidal red algae


The reproduction and stature of the red algae Callophyllis cristata (C. Ag.) Kuetz., Membranoptera alata (Huds.) Stackh., Phycodrys rubens (Huds.) Batt., and Ptilota serrata Kuetz. were recorded from subtidal populations at Appledore Island, Maine, U.S.A., with respect to time and depth. Only Membranoptera alata exhibited a conspicuous seasonal fluctuation of reproduction. A vertical gradient of reproduction was evident, with reduced levels of reproduction in shallow populations of Phycodrys rubens and Ptilota serrata, as well as deep populations of Phycodrys rubens, Membranoptera alata and Callophyllis cristata. Differential stratification of the reproductive phases of Ptilota serrata occurred with higher frequencies of tetrasporic plants in deep populations and of cystocarpic plants in shallow populations. In contrast, the haploid and diploid plants of the other three species showed similar distributional patterns. Membranoptera alata, Phycodrys rubens, and Callophyllis cristata showed a conspicuous decrease in stature during maximum reproduction.

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Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology

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