Jackson Estuarine Laboratory

Cladotricha and Phylogeny in the Suborder Stichotrichina (Ciliophora, Hypotrichida)


The cortical anatomy and morphogenesis of Cladotricha koltzowii Gajewskaja and Cladotricha variabilis Rumen from the Great Salt Lake, Utah, are described. When compared with 2 marine hypotrichs, Uroleptoides kihni Wenzel and Stichotricha secunda Kahl, from the east coast of the United States, their structure and development suggest that Cladotricha may have descended from an intermediate species within the line of evolution of the Spirofilidae from primitive Kahliella‐like hypotrichs. It is suggested that the Kahliella‐Cladotricha‐Uroleptoides series is separated at the familial level from both the tubicolous and planktonic spirofilids. Further, the structural and morphogenetic differences between Cladotricha and the holostichid Uroleptus appear to be at a subordinal level. These findings are significant in revising definitions of the Hypotrichida, its suborders, and the Urostylidae.

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The Journal of Protozoology

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