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The growth, reproductive phenology, and longevity of non-tide-pool Fucus distichus (L.) powell in New England


The growth, reproductive phenology, and longevity of in situ populations of Fucus distichus L. ssp. edentatus (De la Pylaie) Powell and F. distichus L. ssp. evanescens (C. Agardh) Powell were evaluated in New England. Both subspecies exhibited maximum growth during early summer, a slight decline in late summer, and a brief resurgence in the early fall. The maximum growth rates (in terms of elongation) for F. distichus ssp. edentatus and ssp. evanescens were 3.5 and 3.7 cm/28 days, respectively. Populations of both subspecies showed a distinct bimodal reproductive periodicity, with maxima in the spring and fall. Even so, individuals were either reproductive in the spring or fall but never in both seasons. After reproduction, receptacles dehisced and plants either became vegetative or died. Higher rates of plant attrition were observed during periods of reproduction than during non-reproductive periods.

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Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology

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