Jackson Estuarine Laboratory

Karyotypic Analysis of Plasmodiophora Diplantherae


Synaptonemal complexes (SCs) in nuclei of transitional Plasmodia of Plasmodiophora diplantherae were counted through serial section analysis. On this basis the haploid chromosome number was nine, the lowest haploid number known for Plasmodiophoromycetes. Total length (TL) of SCs per nucleus (approx. 39 μm) was similar to that of P. brassicae (n = 20, TL = approx. 47 μm, vol. = approx. 15 μm3), but nuclear volume (approx. 28 μm3) was similar to those of Polymyxa betae (n = 30, TL = approx. 73 μm, vol. = approx. 26 μm3), P. graminis (n = 30, TL = approx. 70 μm, vol. = approx. 24 μm3), and Sorosphaera veronicae (n = 33, TL = approx. 76 μm, vol. = approx. 25 μ3).

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