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Production Ecology of Haustorius Canadensis (Amphipoda: Haustoriidae) in Southern Maine


Several studies (Croker, 1977; Dexter, 1969; Samaeoto, 1969; Shelton, Robertson, 1981) have shown that the sandy beach communities of the east coast of North America are dominated by haustoriid amphipods. The sandy beach communities in northern New England consist of approximately 11 species, predominantly peracarid crustaceans, and are dominated by the haustoriid amphipods Haustorius canadensis and Acanthohaustorius millsi and Amphiporeia virginiana (Croker, 1977). Although much work has been done on these communities, to date no attempt has been made to describe the patterns of energy flow or secondary production occurring in these systems.

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Sandy Beaches as Ecosystems

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