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The order Euplotida (Ciliophora): taxonomy, with division of Euplotes into several genera


The order Euplotida represents a monophyletic order of five families of hypotrich ciliates united by morphology, stomatogenesis, ultrastructure, cyst structure, and behavior. A review of variability of ciliation and nuclei among the 14 genera suggests that lines of evolution may have involved both the loss of cirri and nuclear simplification. We present a binary key to genera in the families Aspidiscidae (Aspidisca and Euplotaspis ), Certesiidae n. fam. (Certesia ), Gastrocirrhidae (Cytharoides, Euplotidium , and Gas‐trocirrhus ), Uronychiidae (Diophryopsis, Diophrys, Paradiophrys , and Uronychia ), and Euplotidae. The latter family contains species formerly in the genus Euplotes. Based primarily on cortical structure, endosymbionts, data from morphometric analysis, and ecology, we recognize four different groups. The first group of species remains in Euplotes with Euplotes charon as type. We place a second group of species into the genus Moneuplotes Jankowski 1979 with Moneuplotes vannus (Müller, 1786) as type. We erect two new genera: Euplotoides n. g. and Euplotopsis n. g. with Euplotoides patella (Müller, 1773) n. comb. and Euplotopsis affinis (Dujardin, 1841) n. comb. as type species respectively. We discuss possible phylogenetic relationships within the order.

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Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology



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