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Microbial contamination and shellfish safety


Microbial contamination is a challenging and significant issue for the shellfish industry. It is the main public health concern associated with consuming shellfish, and it often limits shellfish harvesting throughout the world. Enteric viruses, pathogenic Vibrio species, and fecal-borne bacterial pathogens are the main causes of shellfish-borne disease. These microorganisms have widely different properties, sources, virulence factors, and fate in the environment, and the current indicators used to classify harvest waters have significant limitations. A great deal of progress is currently being made in the detection of pathogenic microorganisms and in understanding their fate in the environment. With increasing human development in coastal areas, emerging diseases, habitat destruction, and global climate changes, the challenges associated with managing microbial contamination and shellfish safety continues to evolve.

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Shellfish Safety and Quality



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