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Daily and tidal Rhythms in Intertidal Marine Invertebrates


Intertidal animals are faced with strong rhythmic environmental signals on both daily and tidal frequencies, and their behavioral output is often complex because these two competing influences affect the endogenous clocks that drive their behaviors. This chapter reviews the nature of the clocks that govern the behaviors in intertidal organisms as well as the inputs and outputs from these clocks. The relative importance of the environmental factors that synchronize these rhythms is discussed, as well as the different types of physiological and bhavioral outputs that have been observed. The molecular underpinnings of the circadian clocks are presented as well as the hypothesis that the clocks that drive circatidal rhythms are composed of the same molecular "machinery" used by circadian clocks.

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Annual, Lunar and Tidal Clocks: Patterns and Mechanisms of Nature's Enigmatic Rhythms



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Book Chapter


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