Assuring a healthy New Hampshire requires making sure that all of the state’s residents can get the right care in the right place at the right time. Yet, access to timely, effective health care is not always a given in our state, especially for vulnerable populations. Health and community care workforce shortages, long distances to care, and social, economic, and cultural barriers make accessing care challenging for many.

The Project ECHO Model™ is an evidence-based method using web-based teleconferencing to link specialist teams with community-based sites to help community providers improve their ability to manage complex conditions. It has been proven to improve health care outcomes for vulnerable populations with limited access to care because of socioeconomic factors or geography.

The New Hampshire Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) Planning for Implementation and Business Sustainability Project (Planning for Project ECHO in NH) undertook a planning process to inform how to best to develop Project ECHO at UNH to serve New Hampshire health and community care providers and ultimately improve access to effective, timely care. Planning for Project ECHO in NH also developed a business and sustainability plan for long-term success of the UNH Project ECHO Hub and an evaluation plan for measuring efficacy.

Planning for Project ECHO in NH included:

  1. A Project ECHO Needs Assessment and Prioritization Process, including review of existing needs assessments in the field; a stakeholder survey of health and community care providers conducted by the New Hampshire Citizens Health Initiative (Initiative); and analysis of data from the NH Comprehensive Health Information System (NH CHIS), NH’s all-payer claims database (APCD).
  2. A business and sustainability plan including Key Informant Interviews, an environmental scan, and a template for business sustainability planning to identify funding sources and structures to sustain Project ECHO in NH.
  3. A framework for Project ECHO evaluation.

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