How do silicone muffin pans compare to traditional metal pans?


Research on the efficiency of silicone bakeware is limited. Manufacturers claim that silicone bakeware is nonstick, has easy product release and even heat distribution. This study attempted to replicate consumer baking conditions through a comparison of muffins baked in silicone pans to muffins baked in nonstick, anodized aluminum dark-colored metal pans (‘nonsilicone’). Using a consumer corn-muffin mix, structured baking procedures and controlled tests were performed, such as measures of the top surface browning, texture, water activity and heat transfer coefficient of the pans. The results of the tests indicated that silicone muffin pans did not produce a better product; rather, they were moister, had greater volume, with top-crust texture and color significantly less than muffins baked in nonsilicone muffin pans.

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Journal of Foodservice



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