Honors Theses and Capstones

Date of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type

Senior Thesis

College or School




Program or Major

Physics: Astronomy

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

First Advisor

Jichun Zhang

Second Advisor

Lynn Kistler


The International Space Station (ISS) is a low Earth orbit research facility and host to an international crew. Geomagnetic storms cause changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and affect the ion density and temperature in the ionosphere which could pose a hazard to ISS crew. This hazard is measured by the Floating Potential Measurement Unit (FPMU) which measures ion density, ion temperature, and the charge differential of the ISS relative to its surrounding environment. I analyzed data collected by Narrow Sweep Langmuir Probe for two storms in 2015. Ion density and temperature were affected by geomagnetic storms, but the effects were less than those found due to normal orbital conditions.