Honors Theses and Capstones

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Spring 2012

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Senior Honors Thesis

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Edward P. Lemay Jr.


The authors conducted an experiment to test the interpersonal model of depression (Coyne, 1976), and specifically the link between excessive reassurance seeking (ERS) and rejection. The present study involved college-aged romantic couples. Some participants were then manipulated into perceiving that their partner was seeking reassurance from them. Results support the main tenets of Coyne’s (1976) theory. Participants reported increased frustration and reduced felt closeness to dysphoric partners when they were led to believe that their partners were engaging in ERS. Effects on frustration were moderated by partners’ depression, while effects on felt closeness were partially mediated by frustration, yielding a mediated moderation model. Alternative explanations were not supported. Clinical and theoretical implications are discussed.

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Psychology Commons