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New Hampshire Continental Shelf, Western Gulf of Maine, Surficial Geology, Vibracores, Sediment Grain Size Data


Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping


Earth Sciences | Geology | Sedimentology | Stratigraphy

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The "New Hampshire Continental Shelf Geophysical Database: Vibracore Logs and Sediment Data" contains complete core logs and sediment grain size data from twenty‐three vibracores taken on the New Hampshire shelf in 1984 and 1988. During the present program, the original core descriptions, data, and photographs were verified and significantly expanded, synthesized, and presented in uniform core logs.The vibracore logs, sediment data, and the depositional environments are discussed in detail in Ward et al., 2021 (


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Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Award Number M14AC00010 and the University of New Hampshire/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Joint Hydrographic Center Award Number NA10NOS4000073.


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