The COVID-19 UNH Community Archives provides a means for gathering personal stories, photographs, videos, recordings, and other materials that reflect the experiences of the UNH community during the COVID-19 crisis.

Some examples of contributions might include:

  • A student’s reflective essay written for a class
  • An instructor’s curricular materials that that reflect the experience of teaching online
  • A photograph or video of an at-home workspace
  • An audio or video recording of an interview conducted with a family member or friend
  • An original work of art or musical composition
  • A poem or short story
  • Email correspondence
  • Links to contributions made to a blog post or social media

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Submit Text, Audio, or Video

All contributions to the COVID-19 UNH Community Archives will be available through the UNH Scholars Repository. If you would like to contribute materials to the University Archives, but do not want them to appear online, please consult with the Special Collections and Archives staff directly


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