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Be a Man: Internet’s Influence on Social Change

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“Be a Man: Internet’s Influence on Social Change” is a multimedia project based on an essay I wrote for a course called, “Digital Culture & Society.” This video focuses on the Internet’s impact on our society’s social change, like our modernistic conception of gender roles, specifically masculinity and what a means “to be a man.” I go into a brief history of how the birth of digital media, such as television, catapulted the positive changes that many social justice movements started, and how it helped start movements like the Women’s Liberation. I then explain how Internet provides a new realm of information and communication, which has brought more light to the Men’s Liberation Movement and our perception on masculinity—while mentioning that it important to highlight that it has also become a tool to undermine this movement (and many others) by giving misogynistic groups, such as, the Men’s Rights Activists (MRA), a platform. Ultimately, the Internet has continued to open our society’s eyes to the fact that many men are angry, upset and hurting. The advancements in digital media, especially the Internet, have and continue to break down modernistic barriers and create conversations that previously could never exist. By turning my essay into a multimedia piece, I was able to emphasize on important points and provide visual representations that written word does not always allow. With a multimedia project, it does take more time and patience, but is completely worth it when you create a concise and engaging piece of information.

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