Spring 2015

Table of Contents

Mr. Fox Composting: Changing the World through “Garbage” by Jeff Fishwick

How to Live by Gennifer Davidson

Stuxnet: The Fastest Evolving Virus in the World by Lia Windt

The Economic Potential of Cryptocurrency: WAn Investigation of Bitcoin by Lauren Rhodes

Beyond Digital Dualism: The Conceptual Fallacy of the Online/Offline Dichotomy by Lauren Nawfel

Social Media: A New Platform for Activism? by Brittany Mosier

News Journalism in the Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities by Amanda Cote

What is Expected of a Man by Emily Sorey-Backus

(Re)Defining Political Activism in Post-Modernity by Jessica Wojenski

Cataracts as a Cause of Preventable Blindness by Elizabeth Fuller

“Songs of Faith and Devotion”: The 1980’s, religion and dark salvation in Gothic subculture by Leigh Fraser

Memes by Jacqueline Mundry


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Ashlyn Daniel-Nuboer - Editing Chair
Jacqueline Mundry - Publicity/Funding Chair
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Nikki Muto
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Kevin Healey