Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Ideologies of a Gravescape by Sonja Loeser

Skepticism as Rhetorical Strategy in Scientific Argument by Leigh Fraser

The Homogenization of National Identity: A Study of Reggaeton by Ricky Wilson

Coffee as a Religion by Olivia Mullen

Metrospirituality by Kelley Ray

Environmental Protest Framing as “Ecoterrorism” by Brieanne Young

Are We Fake? The Internet Masks We So Boldly Adorn by Emily Varnese

Data Mining: The Invasion of the Personal Right to Privacy in the Digital Age by Lauren Nawfel

Apple: The Forbidden Fruit of Cult & Capitalism by Max Post

Foreigners as “Other”: Stereotyping and Categorizing in Everyday Discourse by Taylor Purcell

The “Truth”: Understanding the Media Audience of the truth® Campaign by Jamie McDonough

Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Can We Clean It Up? by Elizabeth Hobbs

Reality and Perception in the Digital Age by Linda Chardon

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