High-resolution, whole-core magnetic susceptibility data, recorded at 3-cm intervals, were obtained for advanced hydraulic piston (APC) cores at Sites 805, 806, and 807 of Leg 130 on the Ontong Java Plateau. In this initial report, we present a preliminary evaluation of these data for their use in core correlations and paleoclimatic studies. The data allow detailed intrasite correlations between the offset APC cores and provide a means for intersite correlations of Pleistocene sediments. Variations in magnetic susceptibility values probably mirror variations in terrestrial influx and may act as proxy indicators of climate. Highly coherent cyclicity, representing Milankovitch orbital frequencies, is exhibited in some intervals and provides the potential to tune sedimentation rates. Postdepositional dissolution of magnetite by reduction diagenesis, which is also reflected in the magnetic susceptibility data, may be a limiting factor in these studies.


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Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

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