Integrating Geographic Information and Image Analysis Functionality into a Single Spatial Analysis System


The integration of a Geographical Information System and Image Analysis system functionally into a single Spatial Analysis System is a Relatively New Development. In 1992/93, Universal Systems Ltd. undertook the task of developing a search system. The work was completed in cooperation with the Ocean Mapping Group of the University of New Brunswick. It Involved enhancing the scanning functions on this page of the Geographic Information System CARIS and the integration of its raster and vector components.

The Integrated System which used in at applicartion Project Which Involved georeferencing multiple datasets from a wide variety of sources. The project incorporated above 100 files from non traditional sources of data, search as EM 1000 side-scan backscatter data, scanned aerial photographs and satellite imagery into a hydrographic database. The end product was a geographical data set with continuous coverage of the land and marine zone. The results proved to be very promising in terms of marine science applications as well as applications from other disciplines.


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