DIFFERENT ROOTS, COMMON DREAMS: New Hampshire’s Cultural Diversity


The photographs in this collection are by New Hampshire photographer Becky Field from her project, Different Roots, Common Dreams: New Hampshire’s Cultural Diversity. From 2012-2022, Becky photographed immigrant families to show the vitality and diversity of the state’s new Americans; to honor their determination and expertise; and to stimulate public understanding of immigration policies.

Becky published two books from her work, Different Roots, Common Dreams: New Hampshire's Cultural Diversity, (Peter E. Randall Publisher, Portsmouth, NH, 2015), and Finding Home: Portraits and Memories of Immigrants (Peter E. Randall Publisher, Portsmouth, NH, 2020). Also, having seen the high value of education in immigrant families, Becky partnered with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation in 2017 to start the Different Roots, Common Dreams Scholarship Fund to help immigrants complete an undergraduate degree.

Becky holds a Certificate in Photography from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. In past work she was a research ecologist and university professor. She has a doctoral degree in wildlife ecology.

The archive is housed in the Milne Special Collections and Archives at the Dimond Library, University of New Hampshire, and is accessible and searchable through an online program, UNH Scholars Repository. The photos can be used for nonprofit research or education. This is a growing collection and may be added to by the photographer. For more information, contact the archives@unh.edu, or go to www.differentrootsnh.com.


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