Project Type

URC Presentation


Innovation Scholars

College or School


Class Year

First Year


Sociology, Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Research Advisor

Dr. Brad Kinsey

Second Faculty Research Advisor

Dr. Benjamin Mitchell

Third Faculty Research Advisor

Elizabeth Mamros


The Plant Drainage Analysis looks at how both the number of drainage holes and the configuration of drainage holes in a plant pot affects the moisture retention of soil. The pots used were created using Fusion360 and were printed using PLA filament on a PRUSA 3D Printer over the course of five weeks. The pots were then painted in aquarium caulking to prevent undesired water leakage, allowed to dry, and then filled with 27 grams of Miracle-Grow soil and watered with 30 milliliters of water. The moisture level was measured using a probe that was stuck into the soil every day over the course of 5 days to see how much water was retained. Should this experiment be conducted again, ample time should be given to study moisture retention over a period of multiple weeks. Overall, due to the lack of available data, the researchers were not able to provide a sound conclusion, but the experiment did provide evidence that both the number and the configuration of drainage holes affected the retention of water in soil.