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Sara Withers


Over the past few years, the number of people suffering from heroin addiction in New Hampshire has become more and more publicized. As a native of New Hampshire and a life-long resident of Nashua, New Hampshire; I have lost many loved ones to the battle with Substance Opioid Use Disorder. Some of these people have passed away due to drug overdose on heroin, while others were lost to me because the disease took them over. When I heard about the implementation of the Safe Station Program, I was immediately interested in looking into it. During the spring 2017 semester here at the University of New Hampshire I was assigned a project for my Applied Anthropology class. The assignment was to choose a social issue or local organization and either conduct a Needs Assessment of that organization or to conduct a Social Issue Analysis. This Undergraduate Research Conference presentation is part of that larger applied project and gave me the opportunity to research the effectiveness of the Safe Station Program in New Hampshire and suggest some ways to improve it in the future. If you are interested in timely social issues that are local to New Hampshire and programs that have been developed to help improve those social issues, this is an excellent read for you.