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URC Presentation

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Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical Sciences


Dietetics and EcoGastronomy

Faculty Research Advisor

Joanne Burke


The purpose of this project was to analyze the nutrient profile, and associated costs, of the proposed Omnivore’s Delight (OD) dietary pattern as explored in A New England Food Vision (published in 2014). The OD reflects a pattern of eating in which 50% of the food consumed could be produced in the New England region. Three guiding questions informed this research: 1) What would an actual week of menus look like following the OD pattern and the OD pattern with the new 2015 Dietary Guidelines? 2) What is its OD nutrient profile? 3) What are the costs of following the OD pattern, comparing conventional to organic products? A menu plan was devised based on the food groups identified in the OD pattern. The nutrient analysis was conducted using the USDA v27 online food database. Costs for both organic and conventional products were determined using a mix of online and in store visits. Results indicate that it is possible to design meals that follow the OD but that it requires thoughtful planning. The OD macronutrient profile falls within national guidelines. Though the costs for organic products were generally higher than conventional, the long-term investment in sustainable production practices may be an offset that was not calculated within the scope of this research.


Food Solutions New England photo upper right hand corner of poster.