• The freshmen have landed: An overview of everything Durham and UNH, Page 1
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, Page 1
  • Clean slate at UNH, Page 3
  • Downtown Durham for Dummies: A freshman’s guide to downtown Durham, Page 4
  • Dining hall dilemma: Which one do I choose? Page 6
  • Ins and outs of the dining halls, Page 6
  • To rush, or not to rush? Page 7
  • Fuzz calls and buzz kills from a former RA, Page 10
  • Not so perfect roommates: What to do if you don’t get the roommmate of your dreams, Page 10
  • Advice to minority students: How to survive and thrive, Page 11
  • OPINION: Keep it to yourself, Page 13
  • VOLLEYBALL: ‘Cats eyeing 3-peat, Page 14
  • WOMEN’S SOCCER: UNH ba les Holy Cross, Page 14
  • TNH Sports and why you need to try out journalism, Page 15
  • CLUB SPORTS: A way to keep playing, Page 15
  • INTRAMURALS: Play for glory, play for fun, Page 15
  • ‘Cats rule everything around me, Page 16
  • FOOTBALL: New names primed to lead ‘Cats in 2015 campaign, Page 16

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