Date of Award

Winter 2008

Project Type


Program or Major

Justice Studies

Degree Name

Master of Arts

First Advisor

Charles Putnam


A child can be caused great harm by multiple interviews and the trauma associated with testifying in court. A child's statements may be inaccurate due to suggestive interview methods and trauma. Despite these facts children find themselves involved in the court system every day. The testimony of children cannot be ignored just as their testimony cannot be given too much weight without infringing the rights of litigants. More specialized procedures can be developed to give children's testimony its proper weight while ensuring reliability, child protection, and litigant's rights. A specialized procedure such as a Court Appointed Forensic Interviewer of non-victim child witnesses can be created to aid the fact finder, limit the harm and trauma associated with children involved in the court system, and offer the proper protection to litigants' rights.