Date of Award

Winter 2016

Project Type


Program or Major

Computer Science

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Robert Russell

Second Advisor

Phil Hatcher

Third Advisor

Robert Noseworthy


The UNH Extended Sockets Library (UNH EXS) was developed at the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory to provide an interface to extend the features of the Extended Sockets API (ES-API) specification published by the Open Group to better utilize the asynchronous I/O and memory registration features of Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) and provide the programmer with the option to perform operations synchronously as well as asynchronously.

This thesis is focused on building a rigorous testing framework to verify conformance to the published ES-API standards, existing manual pages, and documented UNH extensions of the Extended Sockets Library, and to facilitate regression testing of the software library as a whole. Furthermore, the additional functionality of synchronous and asynchronous sendfile transfer over RDMA with UNH EXS will be implemented, verified, evaluated, and integrated into the existing documentation and testing framework.

The goal of this new capability is to establish a clear process by which new features to UNH EXS can be verified in the future and changes to the library will be properly vetted. The new sendfile transfer functionality is focused on improving the usability and effectiveness of the UNH EXS Library for programmers.