Date of Award

Spring 2013

Project Type


Program or Major

Civil Engineering

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Charles Goodpseed III


Across the United States there are many deteriorating highway bridges that are in need of replacement. In 2013, the Federal Highway Administration estimated that one-fourth of the Nation's bridges are in need of rehabilitation, repair, or complete replacement. (FHWA, 2013) To address these needs, innovative techniques must be developed to reduce both lifecycle costs and construction times while increasing both the quality and safety of bridge rehabilitation projects.

This research aims to further develop a method of integrating structural analysis software, during the modular construction process, to predict the leveling device settings for precast prestressed panels to ensure the desired profile of the bridge deck is met. This research also includes the material testing of structural adhesives for use in full depth precast panel assembly. This research concludes that the integrated use of structural analysis software enables the accurate prediction of leveling screw device settings to replicate the desired profile of a full depth precast concrete bridge deck.