Date of Award

Fall 2011

Project Type


Program or Major

Mechanical Engineering

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Martin M Wosnik


A test bed for cross-flow axis (CFA) hydrokinetic turbines for the UNH tow and wave tank was designed and built, and two different turbines were evaluated. The effects of waves and turbulence on performance were also observed. Drag (thrust) and mechanical power output were measured at tow speeds of 0.6--1.5 m/s for a Gorlov Helical Turbine (GHT) and a Lucid Spherical (helical) Turbine (LST), both provided by Lucid Energy Technologies, LLP. Overall, the GHT performed with a higher power and drag coefficient than the LST. GHT performance was enhanced by progressive waves, but waves caused stalling at higher tip speed ratios compared to the steady case. Grid turbulence enabled the GHT to operate at lower tip speed ratios and did not alter maximum power coefficient, but increased drag on the turbine. Performance in a cylinder wake was highly dependent on the cylinder's cross-stream location, ranging from benign to detrimental.