Date of Award

Fall 2007

Project Type


Program or Major


Degree Name

Master of Arts

First Advisor

Sharyn Potter


This research aims to examine the changes in the availability and accessibility of health care available to Chinese citizens over a nine year period. I use market transition theory as a framework for examining these changes. Market transition theory posits that as a government moves from a socialist system to a market-based economy, a new stratification order will emerge. Changes in the Chinese health care system are examined using 1991 and 2000 data from the China Health and Nutrition Survey. Using ordinary least-squares and logistic regression, I analyze differences in access and availability of health care between ethnic groups, rural and urban residents, and respondents of different income levels. Five variables are used to measure access and availability of health care. The results from this study indicate that there have been changes in the availability of medical care during the research time frame, providing some evidence for market transition theory.