Date of Award

Winter 2009

Project Type


Program or Major

Civil Engineering

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

M Robin Collins


Arsenic contamination in drinking water is a world wide public health concern. Previous studies with zero valent iron (ZVI) have indicated its effectiveness in the removal of arsenic from contaminated waters. This study examined a range of water quality conditions to determine the optimal conditions for As removal while minimizing iron dissolution. This information was used to assess the modification of precoat filtration with ZVI for arsenic removal.

ORP exerts a significant influence on arsenic removal with the greatest removals (>99%) occurring at high ORPs and the smallest removals occurring at low ORPs. ZVI amended precoat filtration studies displayed the greatest arsenic removals (58%--71%) with a 22 minute contact time in the presence of chlorine (Cl2). ZVI amended precoat filtration is an effective arsenic removal strategy. Values of pH must be chosen to minimize iron dissolution keeping effluent iron concentrations below the USEPA secondary standard of 0.03mg/L.