Date of Award

Winter 2008

Project Type


Program or Major

Civil Engineering

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Charles H Goodspeed, III


The need for a modular architectural precast concrete bridge guardrail to be used as an alternative to traditional non-aesthetic bridge guardrails has been expressed by New England communities. Because FHWA requirements allow modifications of existing crash tested bridge rails to be put into service without additional crash testing the New England Precast Guardrail has been developed from the Texas T411 crash tested bridge rail. Two 30&inches; rails with eight 1&inches; diameter stainless steel anchor bolts were cast and successfully static load tested. At the request of Massachusetts Highway Department the rail height was increased to 40&inches; and retested. Static load testing of the 40&inches; rail with six 1&inches; diameter stainless steel anchor bolts demonstrated that the use of 6 anchor bolts results in plastic deformation occurring in the stainless steel anchor bolts. The insufficient connection resulted in unsatisfactory base separation from the support however; overall top rail deflection was less than the prescribed maximum of 0.75 inches.