Date of Award

Spring 2015

Project Type


College or School



Political Science

Program or Major

Master of Public Administration

Degree Name

Master of Public Administration

First Advisor

Carolyn Arcand


This Capstone paper analyzes the City of Manchester, New Hampshire’s policy and community impacts when their Towing Snow Emergency procedures are implemented. While the public expects their city streets and sidewalks to be cleared of snow during and following snow storms, the process to do so in the city streets requires vehicles to be re-located from parking on the street. This process requires privately owned vehicles to be ticketed or towed during the worst of weather during the winter. Although the city administration has attempted to avoid having to tow vehicles as the report shows, there is still a historical and current number of vehicles towed during each declared Snow Emergency which is comparatively high to other New Hampshire cities and towns. This Capstone project discovers ‘who’ is being towed from ‘where’ and the various reasons ‘why’ they do not know about declared Snow Emergencies. The paper makes a ‘recommendation’ based on four ‘conclusions’ given at the end of the paper from the study. The paper’s recommendation is that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen appoint a special study committee to develop mitigating procedures and policies to reduce the number of vehicles towed and the subsequent negative impact on the community.