Date of Award

Winter 2007

Project Type


Program or Major

Earth Sciences: Geology

Degree Name

Master of Science


This work describes the design and implementation of a low cost wireless sensor array utilizing digital processing to conduct autonomous real-time seismo-acoustic signal analysis of earthquakes at actively erupting volcanoes. The array consists of (1) three sensor nodes, which comprise seismic and acoustic sensors, (2) a GPS-based time synchronization node, and (3) a base receiver node, which features a communication channel for long distance telemetry. These nodes are based on the Moteiv TMote Sky wireless platform. The signal analysis accomplishes Real-time Seismic-Amplitude Measurement (RSAM) and Seismic Spectral-Amplitude Measurement (SSAM) calculations, and the extraction of triggered arrival time, event duration, intensity, and a decimated version of the triggered events for both channels. These elements are fundamental descriptors of earthquake activity. The processed data from the sensor nodes are transmitted back to the central node, where additional processing may be performed. This final information can be transmitted periodically via low bandwidth telemetry options.