Date of Award

Winter 2007

Project Type


Program or Major

Animal Science

Degree Name

Master of Science


The Notch signaling pathway regulates adipogenesis. To determine specific effects the Notch ligand Jagged-1 has on the regulation of adipogenesis, we transfected 3T3-L1 preadipocytes with either a constitutively expressed full-length human Jagged-1 construct or an empty vector control. These cells were grown in conditions promoting differentiation and then evaluated for lipid accumulation and gene expression. To test the role of Jagged-1 in adipose tissue development in vivo, transfected cells were examined for their ability to form fat pads after injection into nude mice. In vitro, cells constitutively expressing Jagged-1 accumulated less lipid and exhibited a delay in adipocyte protein expression. In vivo, mice injected with Jagged-1 transfected cells developed smaller fat pads than mice injected with L1 control cells. Thus, increased expression of Jagged-1 in L1 preadipocytes impaired adipogenesis as determined by changes in lipid uptake, expression of adipocyte-specific genes, and formation of fat pads in nude mice.