Date of Award

Fall 2006

Project Type


Program or Major

Animal Sciences

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Charles G Schwab


Thirty multiparous early lactation Holstein cows were used in a randomized complete block design to determine whether the addition of VERTAN (a specific blend of essential oils, major components: thymol, eugenol, vanillin and limonene) to corn silage based diet would increase alter protein metabolism in the rumen and increase milk yield and alter milk composition. Dietary treatments were 0 (control) and 0.08% VERTAN in diet DM. The pretreatment diet (fed 0 to 20 DIM) contained (DM basis) 32.1% corn silage, 14% grass silage, 7.7% alfalfa hay, 0.53% grass hay, 19.4% finely-ground corn, 1.8% beet pulp, 1.8% citrus pulp, 3.6% soybean hulls, 2.1% ProvAAl Elite(TM), 0.38% molasses, 10.5% soybean meal, 0.34% urea, 1.9% Megalac(TM), and 3.54% vitamin premix. The results of this study suggest that more research needs to be done on dose levels of essential oils and diet effects on essential oils. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).