Date of Award

Fall 1990

Project Type


Program or Major

Family Studies

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Larry J Hansen

Second Advisor

Kristine M Baber


This descriptive study tested clinical reports of negative self-perceptions and troubled relationships among adult children of alcoholics. The sample (n = 114) was composed of three groups of women, aged 21 to 58, who had no significant differences in numerous demographic and background characteristics, including time ever spent in therapy. High scores were found on the Children of Alcoholics Screening Test among daughters of alcoholics. Self-concept, measured with the Tennessee Self-Concept Scale, was studied in context with life experiences.

Significant differences were found between daughters of alcoholics (n = 52) actively participating in therapeutic experiences and daughters of nonalcoholics (n = 33) on indicators of self-concept and stressful family relationships. Dissimilar findings are reported for daughters of alcoholics (n = 29) who were not actively participating in therapy or support groups.