Date of Award

Fall 2010

Project Type


Program or Major


Degree Name

Master of Education

First Advisor

Ruth Wharton-McDonald


A growing body of research draws into question the validity and reliability of measurements of fluency as indicators of literacy growth for older, struggling readers (Paris, Carpenter, Paris and Hamilton, 2005; Scammacca, Roberts, Vaughn, Edwards & Torgesen, 2007; Yovanoff, Duesbery, Alonzo & Tindal, 2005). Nevertheless, many high schools utilize such measures. This study examines the validity and reliability of Pearson's AIMSweb as a tool for assessing the literacy development of 17 9th grade students with special education identifications. Evidence from this study draws into question the reliability and validity of AIMSweb measures for this population. Additional research with a larger population of struggling adolescent readers is warranted.