Date of Award

Winter 2019

Project Type


Program or Major

Mechanical Engineering

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Martin Wosnik

Second Advisor

Erin Bell

Third Advisor

Thomas Lippmann


As part of the Living Bridge Project, a cross-flow tidal turbine and estuarine instrumentation have been deployed in the Piscataqua River at the Memorial Bridge connecting Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine. At the turbine location, flow measurements were taken and are compared to a previous, nearby tidal energy resource assessment. A higher mean kinetic power density was observed for the most recent acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) survey conducted. Acoustic Doppler velocimeter (ADV) data was collected in order to study the spatial distribution of the currents around the turbine. Differences along the turbine deployment platform were determined to be caused by structural interactions with the bridge. Off-grid testing of the turbine produced a power curve that was used to calculate updated predictions of energy production. Compared to the initial design calculations, lower energy production can be expected based on the as-built system. The operation and maintenance procedures for the turbine deployment system are discussed. Valuable information has been gained about the turbine system, instrument integration and installation, and environmental factors. With additional testing of the turbine and instrument systems, the tidal energy conversion system at the Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth, NH will continue to produce local renewable energy and enhance public awareness of ocean renewable energy technology.