Date of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type


Program or Major

Recreation Management and Policy

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Nathan Trauntvein

Second Advisor

Robert Barcelona

Third Advisor

Cindy Hartman


Student development and health issues among college students are becoming a major concern for academic institutions. To address these issues, universities offer campus recreational sport programs that encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles. There is a robust literature regarding the benefits of general campus recreation participation; however, little research has explored participants’ perception of benefits related to certain campus recreation programming.

This study examined data from Intramural Sports and Sport Club participants at a northern New England university (n = 324). Survey questions assessed students’ transferable skills and general health perceptions. Results indicated that several transferable skills and health perceptions are significantly different between genders within program types.

Findings support the need to continue researching collegiate services to ensure students receive an equal opportunity to enjoy the benefits of campus recreation programming. Preliminary study findings and their implications for university administrators and staff will be discussed.