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This paper reports a research study focused on perspective of nurse body size and how it affects confidence in a nurses’ ability to provide education on diet and exercise. The study followed a descriptive method design guided by a cross-sectional survey with quantitative variables. Results show that there is increased confidence in a nurse’s ability to provide education and influence habits regarding diet and exercise when the nurse role models such behaviors. Other findings presented include respondents’ perception of their body mass index versus their actual body mass index, percentage of respondents with health care conditions related to obesity, and percentage of respondents who have received education on diet and exercise from a heath care professional. The results of the study will enhance nursing literature and will benefit registered nurses, advance practice nurses, and nurse educators. It will provide nurses with an increased understanding of how their body size can influence receptiveness to teaching on diet and exercise.

Date of Publication or Presentation

Spring 5-7-2014

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Undergraduate Research Project

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First Advisor

Joyce Cappiello

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Gene Harkless

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Nursing Commons