We report on the development of a next generation neutron telescope, with imaging and energy measurement capabilities, sensitive to neutrons in the 2-20 MeV energy range. The Fast Neutron Imaging Telescope (FNIT) was initially conceived to study solar neutrons as a candidate instrument for the Inner Heliosphere Sentinels (IHS) program under formulation at NASA. This detector is now being adapted to locate Special Nuclear Material (SNM) for homeland security purposes by detecting fission neutrons and reconstructing the image of their source. In either case, the detection principle is based on multiple elastic neutron-proton scatterings in organic scintillator. By reconstructing the scattering coordinates and measuring the recoil proton energy, the direction and energy of each neutron can be determined and discrete neutron sources identified. We describe the performance of the FNIT prototype, report on the current status of R&D efforts and present the results of recent laboratory measurements.

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Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2005 IEEE



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Conference Proceeding


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