COMPTEL is presently completing the first full sky survey in MeV gamma‐ray astronomy (0.7 to 30 MeV). An overview of initial results from the survey is given: among these are the observations of the Crab and Vela pulsars with unprecedented accuracy, the observation of the black hole candidates Cyg X‐1 and Nova Persei 1992, an analysis of the diffuse Galactic continuum emission from the Galactic center region, the broad scale distribution of the 1.8 MeV line from radioactive 2 6Al, upper limits on gamma‐ray line emission from SN 1991T, observations of the three quasars 3C273, 3C279 and PKS 0528+134 and the radio galaxy Cen A, measurements of energy spectra, time histories and locations of a number of cosmic gamma‐ray bursts, and gamma‐ray and neutron emission from solar flares.


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