Since the launch of the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory in April 1991, the imaging COMPTEL telescope has accumulated positions and 0.75–30 MeV spectra of more than thirty gamma-ray bursts within its ∼π sr field of view. In an ongoing collaboration with BACODINE/GCN, COMPTEL positions are relayed to a global network of multiwavelength observers in near real time (∼10 minutes). Here we summarize the MeV properties, and present spatial, spectral, and temporal data for the latest of these events, GRB 970807. In concurrence with earlier SMM and current BATSE, OSSE, and EGRET measurements, COMPTEL data add to the accumulating evidence that GRB spectra do seem to have a characteristic shape: a peak (inE2F(E) ) around several hundred keV; and a power law above (spectral index 1.5–3.5) extending beyond the COMPTEL energy range.

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