A meta-analysis of child physical abuse prevalence in China.



This study estimated the prevalence of child physical abuse in China, compared Chinese prevalence with international and Asian estimates, and ascertained whether some differences in sample characteristics and methodological factors (e.g., time prevalence, definitional or regional difference) help explain variations in Chinese rates. Based on a meta-analysis of 47 studies found in English- and Chinese-language peer-reviewed journals that involved general populations of students or residents reporting child physical abuse prior to age 18, the life time prevalence of any child physical abuse in China was estimated at 36.6% (95% CI: 30.4–42.7), which was significantly higher than either the international or the Asian estimate in Stoltenborgh et al.’s (2013) study. Chinese prevalence was estimated at 43.1% (95% CI: 36.6–52.5) for minor physical abuse, 26.6% (95% CI: 21.4–31.8) for severe physical abuse, and 7.8% (95% CI: 5.0–10.5) for very severe physical abuse. Subgroup analysis found a significant difference between lifetime and 12-month or less prevalence only for minor physical abuse. The prevalence of any and minor child physical abuse in mainland China was significantly higher than that in non-mainland China. The mainland and non-mainland difference was significant even controlling for definitional and methodological factors as well as sample characteristics. The findings suggested the need to develop educational programs to promote non-violent parenting particularly in mainland China.



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Child Abuse and Neglect



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