Arctic observing network social indicators project: Overview



The Arctic Observing Network Social Indicators Project (NSF OPP0638408) is intended to contribute to the development of the Arctic Observation Network and to the science goals of SEARCH in two ways: (1) develop and make available to the science community relevant datasets and (2) identify gaps in the existing observation system and recommend appropriate actions to fill those gaps. The SEARCH Implementation Plan identified the following arenas of human activity likely to involve climate-human interactions: (1) subsistence hunting; (2) tourism; (3) resource development and marine transportation; and (4) commercial fishing. This project seeks to develop and assess datasets in these four areas. Again drawing from the SEARCH Implementation Plan priorities, the project also seeks to develop and assess datasets measuring social outcomes. This special issue of Polar Geography contains articles on each of the four arenas of human activity likely to involve climate-human interactions, an article on demographic indicators of social outcomes, an overview article, and a synthesis of recommendations for researchers and statistical agencies. The articles also introduce datasets now available to the research community.

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