Resources and hopes in Newfoundland


Newfoundland has historically relied on its natural resources, without broader industrialization. Exploitation and population growth have now exceeded these resources’ sustainable yields. With fisheries a disaster, and mining and forestry in decline, Newfoundland's government places hope on offshore oil development. A survey of rural Newfoundland high school students finds that few plan oil industry careers, however. More often, they expect public sector or service employment. The profile of oil‐interested students resembles profiles of students interested in mining, forestry, and fishing. Students with college and professional goals do not aspire to resource occupations; instead, many plan to leave Newfoundland. Students’ low expectations regarding resource‐sector jobs reflect recent historical experience, but hopes for public‐sector employment could perpetuate Newfoundland's economic dependency. Our data depict an extractive society experiencing early stages of overshoot. Other North Atlantic societies may be moving in a similar direction.

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Society & Natural Resources: An International Journal


Taylor & Francis

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