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"Aspiring adults adrift: Tentative transitions of college graduates" is the first of Radio Higher Ed’s Author’s Series featuring Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa, authors of Aspiring Adults Adrift: Tentative Transitions of College Graduates. This work documents approximately one thousand recent college graduates’ successes and hardships, and finds that despite having successfully completed four-year college degrees, many of the graduates are struggling to transition into traditional adult roles.

In this follow-up to Academically Adrift, Arum and Roksa argue that colleges and universities need to enhance academic rigor and assessment to improve student learning outcomes and support graduates’ early life-course success. To learn more about this work, visit the project page at

Interview facilitation, commentary and discussion presented by Kathryn Dodge, Alison Griffin, and Elise Scanlon of Radio Higher Ed.

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