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"Distance education efficiencies: An emerging state and institution partnership" is a podcast with Marshall Hill, Executive Director for Nebraska’s Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education (NCCPE). Hill discusses the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) including development, funding, governance and potential areas of concern. In its early conception, SARA was the result of the efforts of the Presidents’ Forum, Council of State Governments, regional higher education compacts, and the Commission on the Regulation of Post-Secondary Education. These entities came together to develop a more efficient and less costly way for institutions to enroll out-of-state students in their distance education programs. Hill highlights the complexities of the adoption process and lays out a timeline for SARA going forward.

Interview facilitation, commentary and discussion presented by Kathryn Dodge, Alison Griffin, and Elise Scanlon of Radio Higher Ed.

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Copyright © 2013 Radio Higher Ed . All Rights Reserved. Podcast Intro and Exit music by Won (FLT RSK) / CC BY-NC 3.0 Produced in conjunction with the Average Guy Podcast Network.

RadioHigherEd015F001.mp3 (7243 kB)
An Overview of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) Initiative (7:44)

RadioHigherEd015F002.mp3 (7617 kB)
Benefits of SARA to Institutions and States (8:08)

RadioHigherEd015F003.mp3 (3308 kB)
Who Governs the Agreements? (3:31)

RadioHigherEd015F004.mp3 (1001 kB)
How will Success be Measured? (1:03)

RadioHigherEd015F005.mp3 (2055 kB)
How is the Federal Government Involved? (2:11)

RadioHigherEd015F006.mp3 (1105 kB)
The Role of Accreditation in the Initiative (1:10)

RadioHigherEd015F007.mp3 (3181 kB)
How will the Initiative be Sustained Financially? (3:23)

RadioHigherEd015F008.mp3 (1915 kB)
The Impact of States’ Own Assessment Standards (2:02)

RadioHigherEd015F009.mp3 (2693 kB)
Closed Institutions, Programs and SARA (2:52)

RadioHigherEd015F010.mp3 (3451 kB)
Reciprocity and Professional Licensure (3:41)

RadioHigherEd015F011.mp3 (6183 kB)
Timeline for Implementation and Obstacles to be Considered (3:23)

RadioHigherEd015F012.mp3 (10134 kB)
Analysis and Commentary (10:49)