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Barrington is very fortunate to have an abundance and wide variety of natural resources. Given the Town’s location in the fast-growing seacoast region of New Hampshire, development can be expected to place increasing pressures on the Town and its natural resource base. As described throughout this Natural Resources Inventory, there are many natural resources, special habitats and ecosystems that are valuable and worthy of further consideration for further study, preservation and/or active management. Current zoning ordinances and land use regulations provide some protections. However, the Town can take several additional approaches to maintain and protect its rural character, and itsspecial resources for the benefit of current residents, visitors, wildlife, and future generations. West Environmental, Inc. (WEI) has prepared this report to document the evaluation of 36 wetlands within the Town of Sandown, New Hampshire. These wetlands were identified on the Sandown Preliminary Inventory Map (October 11, 2007), also prepared by WEI and Neatline Associates. The field work for this evaluation was conducted from February to July 2008 and included the verification of aerial photo interpreted wetland boundaries and functional assessments. The purpose of this wetland evaluation was to gain a better understanding of the wetland resources within the Town of Sandown and to identify wetlands that qualify for Prime Wetland Designation. Each wetland was analyzed to determine its relative importance within the town and the region. The information in this report may also be used as a planning tool by town officials to identify and protect natural resources within the community. The wetland boundaries identified on the aerial photo overlays are for planning and Prime Wetland Designation purposes and are not to be construed as site specific wetland delineations per State of New Hampshire regulations. The Town of Sandown can utilize this report as the basis for selecting Prime Wetland candidates for designation in accordance with the requirements of RSA 482-A:15 and Chapter Wt 700 of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) administrative rules. These regulations allow for designation of “wetlands of significant value…because of their uniqueness, fragility and unspoiled character.” The following sections of this report document the functions and values of 36 wetlands and include the supporting information used to make these determinations.


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